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In Sales It Is All About Lead Generation – iBuzzPro Is The Answer

As a real estate agent, prospecting for business is an ongoing process. According to Gary Keller, President and CEO of Keller Williams Realty, agents must prospect on the phone 3 hours per day (that was in the prior market). In today’s market, agents must be on the phone all the time. To be honest with you, I was never on the phone 3 hours consistently. I hate the constant rejection and the amount of time wasted. All in all, hang-ups, no answers, disconnected numbers, etc. drove me nuts.

Technology has come to the rescue of real estate agents, mortgage brokers, insurance salesmen and many others. A new system called iBuzzPro is now available to make hundreds and even thousands of calls to prospective customers at a click of a button. I have been using this system for a while now. As you know now, now days, this type of system is currently being used by all the politicians. The system is fully automated and it makes the calls and filters out bad leads. I get involved after the system reports to me who is interested in my product.

A typical work day for me goes like this:

I get up each morning about 6:00 AM. Have coffee with my wife and check emails. By 7:00 AM I am out exercising for about 1 hour and 15 minutes. By 9:00 AM, I am in my office setting up the prospecting activities for the day.

My plan for the day was to schedule 4,000 contacts to be called from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM. I wrote 3 scripts. One for live answer, one for machine answer and one for my voice mail system. I am still developing scripts and testing them against results. Sometimes the simplest change makes a great difference on the leads generated. So, you must keep an eye on your calls to leads ratio and determine if your script is working or not. Once you have found a script that works for you, stick to it. Do not change it unless the performance drops.

Within a 15 minute period, I had recorded the messages, selected a database of 4,000 contacts, uploaded it to iBuzzPro and scheduled the calls to be made. Once this is done, I started to follow up on leads from the day before.

In the prior day, I had 1,700 connected calls made and 10 leads to follow up on. The beauty of this system is that I did not have to pick up the phone and contact this many people directly to find the 10 that wanted to find out more about the offer. At this time, I was contacting the leads directly and then referring them to my website to view the online presentation at http://www.MyOnlineCashBusiness.Com

One of my business partners recommended adding my URL to the recorded message and this in turn would provide me with more leverage. Let the prospects go directly to the website, register for a webinar and let the webinar tell the story about the business. It is much better done via video than over the telephone. So, I implemented that change today. Once the prospect sees the presentation, I can follow up with a call to answer any questions. Each time a prospect registers for a webinar, I am notified via email. So, I do know when someone has initiated the process, now I can follow up and help them make a decision. Keep in mind that when you are new at this, I am available to assist you in making the initial calls to get your sales going. Three way calls are very helpful and it makes learning easy.

Typical Day Activities

Now, I am going to share with you one of the discussions that I had with a business owner about the use or iBuzzPro to generate more leads for his business.

As you consider the lead generation processes in your business, you may find a lot of similarities as to the questions other business owners have about our system.

When talking to Mr. Joe “The Plumber”, he had a couple of concerns regarding the implementation of iBuzzPro:

1. He is a busy man and he wanted to see who in his company had available time to dedicate to the implementation of the iBuzzPro lead generation system.

2. Where would he get a database to call to?

3. How were the incoming calls to be handled? His current sales staff is busy with existing customers and did not want to distract them from servicing them. He wanted a system that would allow the leads to go into a cue and then be distributed by the sales manager to sales agents.

4. Would it be possible to distribute leads electronically to each agent?

5. He also was a concerned about the amount of effort involved and staff requirements.

These are typical questions that small business owners have when considering the implementation of a new system.

The fact is that iBuzzPro is very simple to operate and can be set up in minutes. So, the time required by staff is minimal.

Once your account is set up, your first time investment is to come up with 3 or 4 scripts. Each script is then modified to Live Answer, Machine Answer and Voice Mail system. The variation is just the instruction given to the caller. It is pretty simple. For example, the Live Answer has instructions to Press 1 to contact me vs. the Machine Answer gets my URL and Toll Free number.

To whom do you plan to call? You have the option to select business to business or consumers. In this case Joe wants consumers. All that he needs to do is to email our support staff and request the zip codes that he is interested in. A file is then emailed that can be uploaded to iBuzzPro with one click. It is a pretty simple process.

Now, all an individual needs to do is to schedule the calls. This process takes maybe 5 minutes or less. You can schedule all the calls for the week in one sitting. It can be set up on Friday for the following week.

How do you handle incoming calls? What is recommended is to get an 800 number. I use Vonage, when calls come in; they go into my email inbox. You now have digital files which can be forwarded to agents.

The time needed to maintain iBuzzPro running on a regular basis is minimal. Set up all call schedules each Friday afternoon for each day of the following week. You may select to only call Tuesday to Thursdays for example.

I hope this information helps you in understanding the implementation and use of iBuzzPro.

Jose Azcarate is a Real Estate Agent With Keller Williams Realty. Top-performing and goal-focused professional with a distinguished record driving international business development, sales, and client retention initiatives that increase market share and profitability while impeding competition. Versatile and success-driven leader comfortable infiltrating foreign markets, working with diverse cultures, traveling abroad, and negotiating contracts. Independent, innovative, and divergent thinker committed to superior customer service, delivering promises, and meeting the goals of key stakeholders.